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Our cleaning effervescent tablets contain non-toxic ingredients to create that prefect cleaning solution for your household.


  • Citric Acid - great for general sanitizing,disnfecting and cleaning. Effective at removing soap scum, hard water stains, calcium and lime deposits.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate - basically a baking soda, dissolves organic compunds like dirt and grease. Acts as a deodoriser too.
  • Alkyl Polyglycoside - a non-ionic surfactant. A bio-degradable ingredient derived from plant starch and coconut, great as a cleansing agent.


Just add one effervescent tablet into 500ml of clean water, admire the fizzy bubbles and once dissolved, it is ready to use. Simple!


Do your part for the environment. Recycle (or do a one-time purchase) your dispenser for your cleaning party. Our single effervescent tablet is small in size which further reduce our environmental impact on packaging and transportation.